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Posted By Tracie Leafty

When striving towards your fitness goals, building muscle and recovering quickly is essential. Amino Rx-3, Glutamine and R5 Reload are three vital components to build and recover properly. Glutamine helps repair and build muscle. Amino Rx-3 protects your muscles with the essential amino acids. R5 Reload lets you skip the exhaustion after a workout or athletic event so you can be ready for what’s next. Together, they give your body the components it needs for successful muscle building and a speedy recovery. Amino Rx-3 helps maintain muscle strength aids muscle tissue recovery increases rate of lean body mass gained reduces muscle tissue breakdown can be used as an energy source in the muscles Glutamine serves as “muscle food” by donating carbon to help replenish glycogen the most abundant amino acid found in muscle cells an important anti-catabolic agent (protects muscle from destructive breakdown) contributes to muscle cell volume and hydration by accelerating glycogen synthesis after a workout serves as “muscle food” by donating carbon to help replenish glycogen helps build proteins and repair muscle, as well as build up more muscle by donating nitrogen promotes anabolic conditions in muscle cells increases the rate of protein synthesis by increasing hydration. When cells are well hydrated, breakdown of protein, glycogen and glucose is inhibited while synthesis of protein and glycogen is stimulated. (An added benefit: when the muscle cells are filled with water, the muscles look bigger.) R5 Reload 1. Recovery Anabolic Matrix comprised of three important amino acids provides the keys to muscle building, nitric oxide production and improved cognition skills. 2. Refuel Matrix provides a quick yet sustainable source of energy through naturally occurring polysaccharides fuels cellular respiration and acts as a metabolic intermediate 3. Rebuild Anabolic Matrix supports the muscle rebuilding process aids in protecting muscles from future damage 4. Recharge Workout Matrix cellular energy replenishment increase muscular strength and power output delay muscle fatigue so that you can train harder and longer boost your muscle mass and endurance levels 5. Revitalize Matrix detoxification at the cellular level aids in removing metabolic waste, free radicals, and other toxins improves your overall recovery and cell health