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Posted By Tracie Leafty

Shorter days and longer nights make it very tempting to get lax about your fitness goals. When you “fall” back an hour this weekend, consider it time to “fall” back into fitness. Here’s a few tips to get your started. Ignite Your Workout First, start off with a pre-workout drink that will get you pumped up to work out again. Designed to ignite your mind, muscles and endurance levels, Thermo Ignite will fuel you with explosive energy! Take your workout to the next level and lengthen your peak performance times! Plus Thermo Ignite features a unique complex to improve mental alertness, vasodilation, coordination, and reaction time. Reload and Be Ready for What’s Next After such an intense workout with Thermo Ignite, you will want to reload your body with the right nutrients. Now you can skip the exhaustion and sore muscles with R5 Reload. With a comprehensive formula of five unique matrices, R5 Reload covers all the essentials phases of post-workout: recover, refuel, rebuild, recharge, and revitalize. Enhance your recovery and stamina with the most important part of your training program, post-workout. Now you can drink some R5 Reload and be ready for what’s next. Fill your day with nutrient-packed meals For optimum fat-burning and muscle-building results, you need to consume a high-protein, moderate-carb, low-fat meal about every three to four hours. Don’t have time to eat four to six small, balanced meals per day? That’s why we invented Rx Meal. A cutting edge meal replacement formula, Rx Meal contains a complete balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to help nourish, tone, and strengthen your body. An essential part of a weight management plan, this nutritious meal replacement may help you reach your fitness goals faster than ever before! Rx Meal is the perfect, compact meal for people on the go, plus it contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals as well as added fiber. With reduced sugar and cholesterol, this delicious, drinkable meal can be mixed easily and conveniently. The smooth and creamy formulas taste so good that you will WANT to drink them 2-3 times per day. Burn Fat 24 hours a day Finally, extend your fat burn all day and night! Use Burning Point XT for your daytime energy and use Burning Point SF to continue burning fat even while you sleep. The proprietary Burning Point formulas boost your metabolic rate to turn your body into a fat burning machine. The proprietary T.L.C. Stack™ stands for Thermogenic, Lipotropic and Carb Control. That means not only do you increase your caloric burn, Burning Point will help your body break down and emulsify the existing fat cells. Plus the Carb Control component not only acts as an appetite suppressant, but it can also inhibit extra carbohydrates from being stored as fat cells.