At Supplement Rx, we are very conscientious of various food allergies that can affect nutrient absorption. Thus, we have many supplements that are Gluten-Free to help those who suffer from Celiac Disease or avoid gluten for other reasons. Rx Zymes – for improved digestion and absorption of daily nutrients. Papain, found in Rx Zymes, is a protein digesting enzyme isolated from the unripe papaya fruit. It has been shown to be able to digest wheat gluten (the protein portion of wheat) and render it harmless in celiac disease subjects. Taking a papain supplement with meals may allow some individuals to tolerate gluten. Amino Rx-3– helps prevent muscle tissue breakdown, great to take 15-20 minutes prior to cardiovascular training Body Beautiful – strengthens hair and nails and promotes collagen production in the body Building Blocks Protein in Chocolate & Vanilla – whey Isolate/egg white complex blend with time released protein that’s 90% absorb-able Burning Point XT & SF – helps burn calories for weight loss while providing energy, breaks down existing fat, and blocks carbs, the SF formula is caffeine and stimulant free Daily Essentials for Men and Women – a time-released comprehensive blend of nutrients for overall health and wellness with custom formulas for men and women Glutamine – helps build and repair muscle, as well as relieves muscle soreness after intense workouts Rx-4 – helps raise natural testosterone levels and boost energy and recovery Rx Joint Health – reduces joint swelling and stiffness Rx Liver – protects the liver from toxins Rx Oils Flax – a plant-based Omega 3-6-9 complex to promote healthy heart, burn fat, and help lean and tone Rx Rejuvenate – designed to increase muscle strength, lean body mass, and promote normal sleep patterns Thermo Ignite – helps maximize workout by increasing energy, endurance and recovery R5 Reload – recover, refuel, rebuild, recharge, revitalize after an intense workout and prepare for the next one Ultimate Cleanse – promotes weight loss and supports a healthier immune system To find out which supplements are right for you, take the Supplement Recommender!