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Posted By Tracie Leafty

 ‘Tis the season for lots of contact, which means exposure to more germs! Plus many people experience high stress levels during the holidays which can adversely affect your health! This month, it’s time to focus on Happy Health-Days so you can be ready for a very merry New Year! Build Your Immunity First, start off by building up your immune system. Vitamin D has often been studied for its effects on activating the immune system. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen wrote in Nature Immunology in 2010 (doi: 10.1038/ni.1851), that Vitamin D is necessary to trigger T cells (the immune system’s warrior cells) into action, and insufficient levels of the vitamin mean the cells remain dormant and inactive. Additionally, researchers from the University of Colorado, Denver, reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine that people with the lowest average levels of vitamin D were about 40% more likely to have a recent respiratory infection compared to those with higher vitamin D levels. Eat All Your Veggies With more than 30 super foods, Rx Greens supports your immune system with essential vegetables in a concentrated whole food supplement. A complete matrix of alkalizing greens, Rx Greens not only has healthy plants and grasses, but naturally antioxidant-rich fruits as well as herbs and spices! The most unique feature of the Rx Greens formulation is that it contains 6,000 milligrams of phytonutrient superfoods per serving! Most other green products on the market today only contain 2,000 milligrams of superfoods. That means you would have to consume three times as much to get the same nutrition found in a single scoop of Rx Greens! Not only is Rx Greens fast and easy to mix, it will help balance your blood sugar levels, which are bound to be a little higher than normal with the abundance of sweets surrounding the holiday season. Optimize Your Health The first thing your body burns through during high stress level periods is Vitamin B. Vitamin B is critical for breaking down fats, carbohydrates and protein for energy. So fatigue often follows stress because of Vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B has also been linked to reducing feelings of anxiety, irritability, insomnia and depression. Vitamin C aids in the production of anti-stress hormones and interferon (an immune-system protein). Many people after long periods of high stress end up with a cold or flu which may be due to decreased levels of Vitamin C. Set yourself up for success this holiday season by taking your Daily Essentials Multivitamin Complex each day. It provides high levels of both B and C to optimize your health! Get Ready for the New Year! Comprising nearly 1/3 of skeletal muscle in the human body, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) play a major role in protein synthesis. The three essential branched chain amino acids are L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine. Each amino acid has a specific role in muscle building, muscle metabolism, and recovery. Think of BCAAs as an insurance that can positively impact you every day! Amino Rx-3 contains all three essential BCAAs to increase strength, build muscle, and improve exercise performance so you can be ready to kick off your exercise program in the new year!