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Posted By Frank Plasso

Recent studies by the National Institutes of Health show that people who eat four to five small meals a day weigh less, and have better overall health than those who eat only two to three times a day. However, proper portion control and the nutrient density of the foods consumed is, at least, equally important as the hours between eating.

What are the benefits of eating frequently?

Eating frequently helps keep your blood sugar stable by preventing spikes and crashes. This will also aid in your energy levels too. Plus, by nourishing your muscles with calories and balance every 2-4 hours you set yourself up to repair, maintain and possibly build lean muscle. This is critical to long term success, because you are 1) keeping the precious calorie burning machinery (i.e. muscle) and 2) increasing the body’s ability to burn calories by consuming more. Although eating more frequently may help to boost your metabolism, the extra calories consumed can lead to an excess of calories in your diet if you’re not careful.

Proper portions are the key to losing weight on a four-to-six-meal-a-day diet plan. Find out how many calories you should be consuming in a day, and plan accordingly. Example: If your daily caloric goal is 1800 calories, and you plan on eating 5 times in a day, then that means each meal should not be more than 360 calories per sitting. Or you can maneuver your calories around to be lower calories during your “snacks” and higher calories during your designate meal periods. Remember to focus on eating nutrient dense foods (like fruits and vegetables) to maximize each calorie you are consuming.

Finally, eating more frequently can help you avoid binge eating and/or food cravings. Because your body is constantly being fueled at more frequent intervals, you won’t feel as hungry as before even though you may be eating fewer calories than you did when you were eating three meals per day. Rx Meal shakes are a great way to fit in a nutrient-dense snack or meal replacement while keeping within your caloric goals. Combine that with a multivitamin like Daily Essentials and a daily dose of Omegas like Rx Oils, and you will be feeding your body with the right nourishment and helping to keep those hunger cravings away that could easily derail any determined person.

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