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Posted By Tracie Leafty

During intense workouts, tissue can be damaged at the microlevel and the usage of fuel stores goes up dramatically. Ultimately, these strong performances can push us to higher levels of leaner, meaner muscle, but in the short-term, some repair is necessary.

In addition, the body has been tasked to use its sources of essential nutrients faster than usual due to the stress taken place during the workout phase.

Most often, carbohydrates are used as the primary source of energy during a workout. After being converted to glycogen stores, carbohydrates are stored by the body to be used as energy. Following a workout, these glycogen stores have been depleted and require restoration. R5 Reload was designed to replenish your body during the most important part of your training program, the post-workout phase. R5 Reload’s comprehensive formula has five unique matrices to help your body recover, refuel, rebuild, recharge, and revitalize, so you get everything necessary to enhance your recovery and stamina.

1. Recovery Anabolic Matrix: Comprised of three important amino acids, this recovery matrix provides the keys to muscle building, nitric oxide production and improved cognition skills. Glutamine serves as “muscle food”, donating carbon to help replenish glycogen, but also acts as a nitrogen donor. Arginine can be converted to glucose and glycogen as needed, and is used to make nitric oxide, a compound in the body that relaxes blood vessels. Pyroglutamic acid is an amino acid researchers have found to have brain-boosting properties without causing harmful side effects.

2. Refuel Matrix: The secret source of energy is the naturally occurring polysaccharides. Not only does it provide a quick yet sustainable source of energy, it fuels cellular respiration and acts as a metabolic intermediate. It is critical to consume carbohydrates after your workout in order to restore the depleted glycogen levels.

3. Rebuild Anabolic Matrix: Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are vital to the muscle rebuilding process, especially during the critical post-workout period. Immediately following an intense workout, this ingredient matrix will rebuild muscles now to prevent damage later.

4. Recharge Workout Matrix: Recharge your body with cellular energy replenishment to increase muscular strength and power output. This matrix may delay muscle fatigue so that you can train harder and longer, plus it may boost your muscle mass and endurance levels.

5. Revitalize Matrix: Key herbal extracts and phytochemicals may promote detoxification at the cellular level. Designed to revitalize your system, these ingredients may aid in removing metabolic waste, free radicals, and other toxins that may improve your overall recovery and cell health. When you provide your body with the essential minerals and nutrients it needs post-workout, you are helping your body to recover more quickly and fully.

So skip the exhaustion and sore muscles and be ready for what’s next…