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Posted By Tracie Leafty

Strings of streetlights…Even stop lights…Blink a bright red and green With the holiday season upon us, we are surrounded by thematic decorations of red and green. Instead of Santa hats and evergreens, we are going to redefine red and green as they relate to the world of supplements. Red is for Burning Point XT. With all the abundance of food present this time of year, Burning Point XT is essential to have on hand. With the ability to block extra carbohydrates consumed from being converted into fat storage, Burning Point XT is ideal to stuff your stocking. Pair it up with Burning Point SF so you can even burn calories while you are asleep and dreaming of sugar plums. Boost your metabolic rate, control your appetite, and break down and emulsify existing fat so you have less to work off in the New Year! Green is for Rx Greens. Most people struggle to eat enough vegetables as it is, but in the holiday season, green leafy vegetables are even more scarce than the hottest Black Friday items. Keep a container of Rx Greens near your Christmas tree this year so you can fuel up your body with the energy you need for that next holiday party! Plus, Rx Greens supports your immune system with more than 30 super foods so you can avoid that pesky cold bug that always makes the rounds this time of year. This year, when you see the red candy canes and the green thin mints, focus on keeping your body healthy so that you may more fully enjoy the friends and family the season brings. Be well!