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Posted By Frank Plasso

The Supplement RX line is a group of pharmaceutical grade, market tested supplements. Each produce has been carefully formulated with individual components assayed for purity and potency in FDA approved labs. After the assure process, these raw materials are quarantined for two weeks and assayed again. Only then are these raw materials available for manufacturing. Supplement RX’s rigorous standards and manufacturing process bring superior quality products to the consumer.

We believe a wide variety of nutrients in optimum levels are critical to a healthy body.

So why supplements? Here are our six most compelling reasons:

  • Make up for what the diet is lacking
  • Help the body function at its highest level
  • Compensate for problems with food production (soil depletion, food irradiation, environmental pollution, genetically modified foods)
  • Replenish nutrients destroyed by lifestyle choices (smoking, alcohol consumption)
  • Help the body cope with stress, as nutrients are depleted at a higher rate
  • Supply nutrients as the level of natural production decreases with age

According to a new survey by Ipsos-Public Affairs (NYC) for the Council for Responsible Nutrition, almost 80% of US physicians and over 90% of nurses recommend dietary supplements to their patients. Additionally, the stymy reports that 72% of physicians and 82% of nurses use supplements themselves. Steve Mister, CRN CEO, commented that this survey- a first for the industry- reveals the important part supplements play in a healthy lifestyle. Consumers who currently take supplements as part of their wellness routine can feel good about a vote of approval from this respected group of healthcare professionals. Consumers who have not considered the role of supplements may want to reconsider.