What to Eat and When to Take Supplements

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 12:02:13 PM America/Los_Angeles


Posted By Tracie Leafty

Supplements are designed to support a diet of healthy nutrition. They help shore up gaps in nutrition, can help support increased energy levels and endurance, and give your metabolism a boost. However, sometimes the key to their effectiveness depends on what time of day you take them and what type of foods you are ingesting daily.

To help provide some guidance on this, we have meal plans designed by a Registered Dietician that not only show when you should take various supplements throughout the day, but what types of food you should be eating to get the most effective nutrition out of each day. The meal plans are categorized by goals and under each goal you can find a per day calorie count total. Simply select the goal and the calorie count, and you will get a 21-Day meal plan that shows you when to take what supplement and what foods to eat and when to eat them to best support your health and fitness goal.

Plus, the supplements for each meal plan have been conveniently packaged together so you can buy them at a 10% discount as a package. These supplement packages are shown just to the right of each meal plan making it an easy, one-stop shop to get what you need to reach your goals.

You can also take the Supplement Recommender, which is a simple 2-minute quiz that customizes a supplement plan based on your health and fitness goals. Have additional questions? Feel free to reach out to us anytime via chat or the Contact Us page.