With 5,000 IUs per serving of Vitamin D3, D3 Essentials may help increase muscle strength, build bone density and may decrease the risk of heart disease.

A complete matrix of alkalizing greens, Rx Greens helps you get more of the vegetables you need each day. With more than 30 super foods, Rx Greens boosts your energy AND immune system.


Now you can XTend your fat burn all day and night! Maximize your calorie burn during the day with Burning Point XT and feel the energy boost. Use Burning Point SF (stimulant free) to continue burning fat even while you sleep! This fat burning stack will help control your appetite, break down existing fat, and block extra carbohydrates from being converted to fat!

Giving Back

Supplement Rx has joined the Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Angels where companies donate for every Anaheim Angels baseball game victory. Frank Plasso, Founder of Supplement Rx, is donating $20 per win on behalf of his family and another $20 per win on behalf of Supplement Rx, in the hopes it might inspire other companies to do the same.


Club Fitness is now offering SRX Supplements to all members to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. Club Fitness is passionately committed to creating and maintaining an environment that welcomes EVERYONE to improve their fitness and health. To find your nearest Club Fitness location, click here!

Vitamin Variety

Daily Essentials Multivitamin / Mineral / Antioxidant complex is now available in a variety of sizes. Choose from a 1 week (14 count, great for travel!), 1-month (60 count), and 2-month (120 count) supply. Daily Essentials are a key part of your Basic Foundation. If you are not yet using a Basic Foundation, click here for more information.

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