The SRX Rewards Program

We love you, our customers, at Supplement Rx! We know and appreciate the time and commitment you have to getting fit and healthy! To support that journey, we bring you the Supplement Rx Rewards Program! Each dollar you spend goes toward a greater discount in the future! As your spending increases, so does your discount! Plus your discount code is good for each and every order you place while you are on that discount level! Just remember to enter your code at checkout and click on Apply!

Reward LevelLifetime SpendingDiscount Amount
Bronze Level Rewards $250 to $750 15% discount
Silver Level Rewards $751 to $1500 20% discount
Gold Level Rewards $1501 to $2500 25% discount
Platinum Level Rewards $2501 and over 30% discount
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How do you know what level you are at in the SRX Rewards Program?

No worries, our system tracks it for you. Every time you reach a rewards level, you will receive an email from us with your coupon code for that level! But if you are really curious, you can check in your Account Profile and add up your spending for all your orders. 

How do I enroll in the SRX Rewards Program?

Simply by placing an order! Anyone and everyone who has placed or will place an order with us are automatically enrolled in the SRX Rewards Program!

Looking for EVEN MORE discounts?

Here are the Top 5 Ways to Get an Extra Discount On Your Order Today!

#1 If you are a New Customer, use discount code 1STSUPPRX for 20% Off Your Opening Order! Welcome to the #SRXNation!

#2 Returning customer? Check your email inbox for your SRX Rewards status. Don't know where you are at in the program? You can hit us up by click on the "Chat with Us" button on the lower right hand corner of the website or drop us an email on the Contact Us page. We can look up your status for you!

#3 Did you know that if you purchase your supplement as part of a Supplement Stack or Nutrition System you get an additional discount? (Go to Menu, then choose either Supplement Stacks or Nutrition Systems to see all of the customizable options!)

#4 Plus you can follow us on Social Media for exclusive deals and offers! (Social media links can be found below in the footer of the website)

#5 Get Insider Deals and New Product Updates delivered to your inbox by clicking here!


Please contact us here if you have any questions on this program! We are happy to help!